The Healing Vision

Healing connections was established in 2005 to provide counselling and psychotherapy for clients presenting with a range of issues. The name healing connections was chosen, as healing literally means to make whole and may either be physical or psychological in nature. True healing brings an experience of wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Feeling disconnected from your core or authentic self leads to suffering. To bring about healing, this loss of connection needs to be acknowledged and worked through.

Therapy offers an opportunity to experience a sense of connecting at a very deep level. The relationship between therapist and client, which offers the possibility of deep, meaningful engagement, is a central part of the healing process. As you engage in this process over time, it can lead to a strengthening of your connection to your authentic Self and a deepening of interpersonal relationships. Ultimately, healing is about fully experiencing your interconnectedness with all of life, which is usually accompanied by a sense of inner peace and equanimity.










  • A lifelong journey into wholeness
  • Seeking harmony and balance in one’s own. life, in family, community and global relations
  • An instant of transcendence – above and beyond the self
  • Embracing what is most feared
  • Opening what has been closed, softening what has been hardened into obstruction
  • Creativity and passion and love
  • Seeking and expressing self in its fullness; its light and shadow, its male and female
  • Remembering what has been forgotten about connection, and unity, and interdependence among all things living and nonliving
  • Learning to trust life ‘Rituals of Healing’ – Jeanne Achterberg, Barbara Dossey & Leslie Kolkmeie